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Howdy Rick,

Well, actually... Hmmmm.

I haven't really 'toured' per se in eons, and when I used to, it was in a 
non-looping context (apart from layered delays, of course). Our philosophy 
(band, sound AND lighting guys) was always "keep it simple and bring a 
spare of anything important". So we'd each have two amps, two instruments 
(as identical as possible) etc. Except for the drummer; he only had one 
drumkit. But he did use two sticks. It was all pretty similar from the 
rehearsal room to the stage, and we never flew; the gear either went in 
our bus with all of us or by truck with some of us arriving by car from 
different directions.

As far as LOOPING gigs, it's always a different rig, except for the rare 
times when I do a few consecutive shows out of town, in which case it's 
basically the same rig for the trip.

My very first ages-ago looping gigs were Eno-influenced two open reel 
things around the same time Fripp was letting the power fall in 
barbershops and so forth; those were never really very far from home, 

To answer your question about the rig in the pix: it's pretty simple, the 
pedalboard on the left is just basic guitar tone stuff. Passive 4x mixer 
for extra inputs > eq > overdrive > volume pedal > whah pedal (which I 
ripped out of the board in a [mostly silent, hopefully] fit of pique five 
minutes before the Nave show) > delay (pre-looper) > reverb (pre-looper) > 
chorus > tuner (not necessarily in that order) with two outs, one to Ch. 1 
of the rack mixer (more on that later) and the other to:

Pedalboard 2 (loop central): Input from pedalboard 1 goes into a 4 channel 
distribution amp (right now a headphone amp from that ubiquitous cheap 
German company, ie. the B word, which works OK but could be better). From 
the distribution amp I run four lines, one each to a DL4, an RC-20, a 
Headrush and one up to the EchoPro in the rack (also more later). Each of 
the loopers then goes to its own mixer channel.

In the [4 space] rack: a Korg keyboard mixer, a Korg SDD-1000 delay (in 
the aux, post-looper), an EchoPro and a reverb (global, post-ever'thang). 
I also have a 6-space rack that's not really any bigger than the deep 4 
space that I'm in the process of switching over to, which adds 5 separate 
paths of mono processing (one for the direct channel 1 signal and one for 
each of the 4 loopers) with a Lexicon MX200, a Boss RPS-10 and a Fostex 

>From the rack, it goes to either two amps (different amps/sizes of amps 
>depending if it's an electric or acoustic gig) or for bigger shows, the 
>direct signal goes to an amp for monitoring/feedback pre-mixer and the 
>post signal to a small stereo PA setup. (Different size power amps and 
>speakers to be mixed and matched depending on the size of the venue and 

Miscellany from the pix: a strat and a 335 (this varies on whim), the 
iBook is only running M-Tron, no looping software in there. There's a 
stand holding a tray fulla capos, slides, microcassette players and 
suchlike toys, and hanging under the stand is a gong played with a padded 
kick drum beater. Sometimes I use a 2 tiered keyboard stand to add an 
organ to the mellotron... The rack goes at about a 45 degree angle on an 
amp stand putting the controls right up towards yo' face, and is secured 
with a nylon strap; always buckle up.

That's about it... It sets up pretty quickly since all the wiring within 
the rack and within each pedalboard stays intact, and I've built little 
patch bays on the boards and at the back of the rack to prevent having to 
lie on the floor with a flashlight in my mouth looking for the proper 
jacks on the rack units themselves. When I'm REALLY organized, it's hooked 
up with a color-coded snake, but I didn't get that far before the Nave 

The home and/or recording rig is: *whatever* gets hooked up, usually more 
bizarre than we have time, space or inclination to get into here.




--- On Mon, 8/18/08, Rick Walker <looppool@cruzio.com> wrote:

> From: Rick Walker <looppool@cruzio.com>
> To: "LOOPERS DELIGHT (posting)" <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
> Date: Monday, August 18, 2008, 7:35 AM
> Dear Tim,
> Looking at the pix you guys put up (re: pix)
> your setup looks really cool, powerful and intriguing to
> me.
> Would you have time to explain to use what your rig is and
> how you use it?
> Also,  I'm curious, (just because I'm auditioning
> lots of different 
> scenarios
> for touring and playing festivals):
> How long does it take you to set this up and what does it
> all weigh 
> approximately.
> If flown across the country (or to Europe, the UK,
> South/Central America or 
> Asia)
> would you bring this rig , and if not,   how would you pare
> it down?
> In fact,  it would be great to hear from others what there
> touring rig 
> consists of
> and what their 'play my hometown or withing shot of an
> automobile" rig would 
> consist of.
> There it is:     the theme of this thread
> (finally.....<smile.)
> WHAT'S YOUR TOURING RIG LIKE and how does it differ
> from your AT HOME RIG?