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Re: Juan Molina: Y2k8 festival booking possiblities?

But Rainer all that would be assuming that Rick was interested in
being a Festival Promoter for quite some months of the year in order
to organize all this. As far as I know Ricks day job is as a musician
and as such.. aint rich...  ha ha! (maybe he is? I did say as far as I
know, but I dont know many rich musicians... I know some, not many).

Sponsership is of course the way to go for all festivals, but
sponsorship only comes with names that draw a crowd. As most of us
have not heard of Juanele  (just kidding ) before Ricks post, I dont
think she counts as a draw.

Anyway, I think he does a fantastic job as it is, and I for one will
be there this year... Juan or Juana!!