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Re: open source stompbox--looper?

Im not sure that merely the amount of recording time available is a
measure of a loopers quality. The edp hasnt got that much really, the
repeater is virtually unlimited, and the LP has 4.5.. its all down to
what you can do with it.. as the actress said to the bishop.

That might be just me though, does anyone here find that they are ever
struggling with looping time?

To keep "on thread here" I think the nice thing about this open stomp
idea is that (assuming that it / you is clever enough to make a looper
at all in this environment) you can visualise one specific thing that
your current looper cannot do, and make that. I for example have a
whole lot of things I wish my 2 loopers would do, and that no others


On Sat, Aug 16, 2008 at 6:49 PM, Bob Amstadt <bobld@amstadt.com> wrote:
>> My calculations are guessing at about 30s of mono-looptime.
> For reference, the LP1 dedicates 96MB to audio memory which results in
> approximately 4.5 minutes of stereo recording time.