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Juan Molina: Y2k8 festival booking possiblities?

Stefan wrote about my statement that Juana Molina was out of our league 
Y2K series of Looping Festivals.

"I don't think so, but she doesn't know our community yet.
 ZoŽ for example is also a well known international artist in the same
 league (Juana has some similarities with Imogen Heap). But she wouldn't
 hesitate to show by if its possible within her schedule (as she did in
 the past...)"

This is because I gave Zoe her very first live looping gig and took a 
on her
obvious and incredible burgeoning talent, Stefan.

At this point in her career, if she didn't know who we were, she would 
probably not be able to
take a chance on playing the festival for little or no money just because 
wouldn't be economically feasible.

She will (and by the way,  hasn't been able to in several years) because 
her emotional attachement
and history with this community, alone.

Juana, as wonderful as she is,  doesn't have that connection to our 

Also,  as excited as I am about Zoe's well deserved success,  she is not 
the level of
Juana Molina in the world of commercial success.       Juana was the 
recipient of the
best CD of the entire year in world music in 2003.  She's not a big star 
the US but she is
a big star in the Hispanic world.    Trust me,  you do not sell 500 
in San Francisco at
$20 a head unless things are really doing well for you, internationally in 
your career.

I've booked major acts all of my life in many different genres and I'm not 
green in this world.

Trust me when I tell you that she's out of our league for this festival 
the extremely limited
funds I have to put it on.

However,   if you can , yourself, convince her to come with
only her transportation covered , which is the best I could possibly do, 
then, by all means,
prove me wrong and help me to book her for Y2K8 or Y2K9.
I'd love to have her, but I have to be realistic with such limited 

Yours, with great respect,   Rick