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Boss GT10 / SL-20 Slicer

Hi Folks

yesterday a bass player I'm playing with showed off his Boss GT10B. I was 
really impressed with the device. Easy to use and a lot of settings and 
features. I.e. you can have 4 effect pedals and for each effect pedal, you 
have 2 additional control buttons. On each control button, you can assign 
even several changes... Also has presets not only for multi-FX but for 
each parameter.
Just to put things in prespective: looper is pretty straight 
forward/simple. And Input is only Mono (argh!).

I was especially impressed with the included Slicer. It really opens up a 
new sound dimension. I guess it is very similar to the new SL-20 Slicer by 
Boss. Really thrilled me!
Check out the Product Demo Video on the web site, it's good: 

best regards
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