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Re: Akai Headrush Reliability

Hi Aaron,

That's definitely not normal behavior for the Headrush. I've had mine for 
about nine years and it's been very dependable. (It's the original 
version, and I got it right after they first came out.)

If yours is indeed still under warranty, that might be the best option 
before opening it up.

Several years ago I did remove the nuts and washers to the footswitches 
and put a small rubber o-ring under each of the washers, then tightened 
them down. This wasn't due to any sort of intermittent electrical 
condition, though; I was just trying to make the noisy switches a little 
bit quieter. I stomp on them pretty hard too. :)

I HAVE had a problem similar to the one you describe with my DL-4's 
reverse switch on occasion...



--- On Sun, 8/10/08, Aaron S. <ephemere.66@gmail.com> wrote:

> From: Aaron S. <ephemere.66@gmail.com>
> Subject: Akai Headrush Reliability
> To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
> Date: Sunday, August 10, 2008, 6:51 PM
> So, I purchased the Akai Headrush about nine months ago. I
> love the hell out
> of this pedal, and plan on using it for years to come.
> However, I have come
> upon one quirk in its operation: the left switch seems to
> work only about
> thirty-five percent of the time... I.e., three times out of
> ten, I hit the
> left switch, and it starts my recorded loop for a split
> second, then cuts
> out, and I have to re-hit it. This started happening mere
> weeks after I
> bought it.
> It's worth noting that I play fairly heavy indie rock,
> so I'm probably
> stomping harder than I should. Does this sound like a
> hardware issue? Sadly,
> I know next to nothing about replacing switches and other
> such operations...
> but I think the pedal itself is still under warranty.
> Has anyone else had switch problems -- not only with this
> unit, but with any
> similarly-designed switches (e.g., the Line 6 DL-4)? Any
> and all suggestions
> would be very helpful.
> Thanks, in advance. This is my first post to the
> Looper's Delight list, so
> please be kind. If there are previous topics that deal with
> this issue,
> kindly link me to them.
> Aaron S.
> ephemere.66@gmail.com