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Akai Headrush Reliability

So, I purchased the Akai Headrush about nine months ago. I love the hell out of this pedal, and plan on using it for years to come. However, I have come upon one quirk in its operation: the left switch seems to work only about thirty-five percent of the time... I.e., three times out of ten, I hit the left switch, and it starts my recorded loop for a split second, then cuts out, and I have to re-hit it. This started happening mere weeks after I bought it.

It's worth noting that I play fairly heavy indie rock, so I'm probably stomping harder than I should. Does this sound like a hardware issue? Sadly, I know next to nothing about replacing switches and other such operations... but I think the pedal itself is still under warranty.

Has anyone else had switch problems -- not only with this unit, but with any similarly-designed switches (e.g., the Line 6 DL-4)? Any and all suggestions would be very helpful.

Thanks, in advance. This is my first post to the Looper's Delight list, so please be kind. If there are previous topics that deal with this issue, kindly link me to them.

Aaron S.