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Re: Plug-ins, effects - what's in your basic tool box?

My list, just referring generically to the effects like you, vs. the brand.

Parametric Equalizer (max)
Compressor (max)
Reverb (max)
Delay (max, and vst)
Multi Pitch shifter (max, vst)
Distortion (vsts)
Filter (max, vst)
Comb filter (max)
Ring Modulation (max, vst)
Granular Synthesis (max, vsts)
Guitar amp sim (vst)
Modulation/Chorus (max, vst)
Bit reduction (max, vst)
Panner (max, vst)
Chopper (max, vst)

...I could be missing  few.


> Hi,
> From reading he list I'm under the impression that many members are
> looking for some special effects, since there is such a big interest
> in free VSTs? I'd like to suggest that we discuss what we have in our
> tool boxes! Plug-ins, stomp boxes or rack devises - it's all the same
> musical functions that you may chain together in different
> combinations.
> Here's what I use:
> - Parametric Equalizer,
> - Compressor,
> - Reverb,
> - Delay,
> - Harmonizer,
> - Distortion,
> - Filterbank,
> - Ring Modulation,
> - Noise Gate.
> With these nine units I am fully confident that I can patch up all the
> sounds I will every want to play with.
> When it comes to a plug-in host application I favor those with an open
> patching environment. I like my laptop to be just as simple as the
> classic studio environment: (1) Audio Source Input, (2) Mixing Console
> with signal routing capabilities and (3) Effect Rack.
> -- 
> Greetings from Sweden
> Per Boysen
> www.boysen.se (Swedish)
> www.looproom.com (international)
> www.myspace.com/perboysen
> www.stockholm-athens.com