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Re: Plug-ins, effects - what's in your basic tool box?

I'm using VST FX with my laptop -- mainly because to set up and  
transport the equipment is easier than with bulky hardware racks.  I  
like my hardware FX units better but I have had to travel light to  
play outside of my studio.

The other nice thing about VST (computer-based) FX is that I can have  
multiple instances of an effect at different places in the signal chain.

I use an input strip with insert effects:

Reverb, Delay Modeler, Overdrive, Chorus, Phaser, Ring Modulation

Currently I send to four instances of "Double Delay" and a Surround  
Reverb.  Each Send is routed through an independent panner.

Each instance of Double Delay sends to Surround Reverb.

The reverb on my Input strip is used to generate "bigger than life"  
reverbs while the Surround Reverb sets up the Surround Sound field.

Panning is extremely important to me.  I could live without the insert  
fx but I wouldn't want to give up the panning.

In a previous post, I spoke of my experiments with a bucket brigade  
configuration and I look forward to utilizing this and integrating the  
LP1 into my setup.

-- Kevin