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Re: New Chinapainting release - Night Blooming Cereus

Quoting Jim Goodin <jimgoodinmusic@gmail.com>:

> Kevin thank you.  Interesting re the Koto though not on this record I'm
> playing a lot of oud right now and using it on our current live shows 
>and in
> all prob it will figure into our future recording work.
> Anyhow Kevin thank  you for all your thoughts and taking time to listen 
> our NBC.  It's so bizarre to me how the plant figured in to all this but
> speaks volumes about our balance between chinapainting living on-line
> through the Net and live when we can arrange getting together.
> how goes Mr Thermin?
The first half of the year was challenging -- many distractions  
demanded my attention and kept me out of the studio.  On July 2nd, we  
had 7" of rain in one hour.  I've never had a drop of water in the  
house however it rained so hard that the foundation drains backed up  
-- water was coming UP through the drain.  Enough water came up that  
it seeped into my studio and ruined the carpet.  Fortunately, no  
equipment was damaged -- however I lost about two weeks of time  
because I had to get everything out in time for them to put in new  
carpet.  As of last week, my studio is up and running again... and  
without much time to spare because I'm on my way to Kingsport, KY to  
perform in the electro-music festival: http://event.electro-music.com

I'm working on a couple of new compositions that utilize my LP1 -- I  
won't have them finished in time for electro-music, though.

So, things are on the upswing here... life is good.

-- Kevin