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AW: Semi-OT: Int'l Travellers' Laptops Confiscated...

> Here's a bit of a caution for those International travellers 
> (specifically Laptop Loopers) coming into the US.  It looks 
> like the Department of Homeland Security has now begun taking 
> it upon itself to confiscate and rifle through the data on 
> some passengers' laptops, as well as storage devices.  

Now this sounds great! They may also forward the info to non-federal
entities and...now if I was with the department of homeland security, I
would make it a primary goal to confiscate any laptop from someone who is
with a carmaker, computer or electronics maker etc., have the possibly
encrypted info hacked open by the NSA and then give it to "non-federal
entities" (like US carmakers, electronics makers) for a price. Think of the
commercial possibilities!