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OT eclectic tunes

Hey folks!

Long story short-I gave away some signed stuff from a  band I dig, and low 
and behold it ended up being all I had.  But before the band left town I 
a guy from the band through Myspace who sent me something signed--so what 
went around came around. So, it's all good, but I want to reward the band 
dude for his generosity and he sent me his mailing address and he said he 
digs eclectic tunes.  He gave me a list of the stuff he digs:

Khan, Ash ra, Neu, Can, Caravan, kevin Ayers, Steve Hillage Gong, Faust, 
PFM, Banco, Magma, Ange, Amon Duul 2, Genyle Giant, Genesis (with 
Gabriel)...70's progressive stuff.....Be Bop Deluxe, Free, Doctors Of 
Madness, Cockney Rebel

Bootlegs of any of the above are cool as are anything else you think might 
fit the above styles.

Please contact me offlist if you have any MP3's you'd be willing to part