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Re: Echoplex Digital Pro Plus

Guess I'm replying to the original post about being frustrated w/ the FC-7.  Took that thing up to the mountains last weekend and it freaked out  - had to repeatedly tap the record (and others) until it seemed to "warm up"  That experience completely sucked the magic out of the whole thing.  It worked eventually.

But, this happed right when I got it!  Out of the box I was having funny experiences w/ some of the buttons.  Is this thing so sensitive that it's effected by dust? Altitude? Temp? WHAT?!?!
(or is that the Musicians Friend Special I'm tasting?)

I remember someone on this list a while back mentioning that they replaced the little red plastic buttons w/ some sturdy metal ones. Did it help? Did it make it more reliable?

I'm going to try to dig up that post but, if was you and you could tell me the name/brand/kind of button you used I'd be grateful.