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Re: Echoplex Digital Pro Plus

Sjaak wrote:
>> There's also a Roland device that some people use (....anybody here???)
> Yep, the older FC-2000 and the latest model is the FC-300. Each pedal 
>can be programmed as follows:
> - Type of midi message: CC but you can also send other type of midi data
> - Range: This sets the range for values that are transmitted (minimum + 
>maximum value)
> - Mode: 
> * Latch = The ON and OFF will alternate each time you press the pedal
> * Momentary = The value will be ON while you press the pedal, and OFF 
>when you release the pedal.
> - Amp control jack 1 + 2
> Btw: I haven't used it with an EDP ;)

If you use the  * Momentary setting,
and set the EDP ControlSource = CC
this should be ok for EDP

I haven't had one to do latency tests on tho'.
(unlikely it's bad...but best to check)

Incidently latency tests for 
FC7 (the edp non-midi controller)
Gordius Little Giant

show them all to be good, all 7mS or under when the EDP latency is 
included (triggering sample) 

Not much difference between them, with the Gordius being slightly faster.

andy butler

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