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Fw: Re:MIDI foot controllers (was: Echoplex Digital Pro Plus)

The FCB1010 new Uno software gives you the possibility to set the switches 
in stompbox mode so you can see current status of the device you want to 
control.You can set the switches to function as momentary,or toggle,this 
could help your situation with the LP1 i tried it and is really great 
because i dont have to be looking at my EDP,but at the moment i have the 
FCB1010 in normal mode because i am also controlling my effects proccessor 
and i would have to sacrifice a lot of the EDP functions,so what i am 
thinking of doing is either getting a floor fx proccessor and use the FCB 
in stompbox exclusively for the EDP.
The Ripwerx software editor is also wonderful and makes the fcb1010 
programming "kinderleicht"!

> > As a keyboard player it's very difficult to know
> > what's going on with my LP1 on stage. It build in
> a 6HE
> > 19" rack and standing on the floor at the right
> site,
> > I'm playing piano so it's can't see the
> track
> > leds very well. For example: current track, track
> status
> > etc. And as a result of that, things go wrong.
> > 
> >