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Re:MIDI foot controllers (was: Echoplex Digital Pro Plus)

> Bob Amstadt:
> The Gordius Little Giant is amazingly programmable.  I haven't tried to 
> it with an EDP, but it is an amazing device and much smaller than the
> FCB1010.

Hi Bob :) Gordius sure makes interesting products but as most of the 
manufacturors their target is the guitar player. But maybe I should try 
one and see if it works for me.

As a keyboard player it's very difficult to know what's going on with my 
LP1 on stage. It build in a 6HE 19" rack and standing on the floor at the 
right site, I'm playing piano so it's can't see the track leds very well. 
For example: current track, track status etc. And as a result of that, 
things go wrong.

I have progammed my FC-300 in a way that the patch number display 
indicates the track number but I have no way to know the status of a track 
or the status of features like reverse, speed etc. The FC-300 latch mode 
can do this but unfortunaltely the LP1 does not support latch mode (= on 
and off will alternate each time you press the pedal), so the LED's are 
always off.

Besides that, most standalone midi devices don't send the status info back 
to the midi controller, so when you change from track to track, your 
controller will probably show the wrong status anyway.... Do you know any 
controller which would work like this? What about Gordius?

BTW: using a laptop with a DAW controller or a controller like the 
Jazzmutant - Lemur could do this but that would cost a fortune :) See