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Re: What would loopers do without power?

Don't know if this has already been mentioned because I'm just popping in mid stream on the topic... but a fun and sort of light read on this topic is "World Made By Hand" by James Howard Kunstler (I think his name is). He's the guy who wrote The Long Emergency that sort of made 'peak oil' famous. World Made By Hand is fiction and the tale revolves around an area in Pennsylvania - in the not too distant future - AFTER the oil is gone, major cities have been blown up and chaos rules most of the country. A good read and helpful in visualizing how it will be. Has some odd turns writing wise but still a great thought provoking read.

I think about this a LOT and every new power tool (musical, digital or construction) I buy brings this topic back to me. I think it's a good thing to ponder for multiple reasons - most already stated in previous posts.

In fact, thinking about all this is part of why I bought this farm!

Chapman sticks are incredibly cool. So sorry I sold mine twenty plus years ago. But it was just one more thing to learn in an already way overloaded curriculum.

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On 22-Jul-08, at 8:53 AM, Mech wrote:

At 5:24 PM +0200 7/22/08, Per Boysen wrote:
...I guess the Chapman Stick is out of the
question, being an electric instrument? Too bad, because that has been
on my wish list for decades....

Hah! Oh ye of little faith. ;)


Actually, I think that Bob Culbertson may have the only one of these: he was able to convince Emmett to build him one as a prototype, IIRC.

However, I'm certain there's simply no way to stop the good Mssr. Chapman from building things, even if no electricity were available. Two weeks after the grid goes down and I'm betting Stick Enterprises starts putting these on the market.

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