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Re: What would loopers do without power?

Hi all,

I guess I'd do what I've already been doing every other week or so - 
play acoustic slide dobro.

If you've listened to my recorded music it might be a little hard to 

But a loooooooong time ago I was a sort of Leo Kottke/John Fahey clone 
. . . wannabe . . . whatever.

Not a very good one of course, or else I would've stuck with it.

Then I discovered electricity and FX and (over 20 some odd years ago) 

If any of you who have ever seen me play live wondered why I still play 
in odd tunings and wear all those funny Edward Scissor-Hands banjo 
picks on my fingers - that's why.

It's sort of a hold-over.

Because of my bi-weekly dobro gigs this past year I have gotten much, 
much better at it (solo acoustic slide guitar ) than ever I was way 
back when.

But I have always been able to play solo to a certain extent . . . even 
before I looped.

I was a solo player before I was anything else.

Looping just took it to other places and levels that I would have never 
gotten to otherwise.

It helped me stop being a clone or wannabe, it helped me be myself.


Ted Killian