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Re: RC-50 alternatives

Yeah, choice does seem pretty limited at the moment.
Once again, thanks for all your pointers, Sjaak - I literally didn't have a clue that I could have made the RC-50 work for me. I've gone and sold it now.
I think your RC-50 page could be really useful for any other potential/current users.

Sjaak <tcplugin@scarlet.be> wrote:
Stuart Masters wrote:
> Out of interest, is anyone else holding their breath for the Boomerang 3 in favour of the RC-50? I know it's not available yet but it's supposed to be within two months I think.

Yes, I'm still thinking of replacing my RC-50. But the choice is limited if you are looking for something like the RC-50 + good midi sync, feedback control and good time/pitch stretching. I don't know a hardware looper which does that for 500 EUR or less.


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