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Re: simple mode - was qualities of reverb

>  > I've always been wondering why complex software
>  > programs such as, er, Cubase
>  > or Logic don't come with a newbie mode which is dead
>  > simple and shows only a
>  > handful of buttons, menus, and options - then after
>  > this, maybe a mode with
>  > the most popular options, and then the full mode if
>  > needed.
>  > Michael www.michaelpeters.de

Regarding Logic the answer is that Logic doesn't need a certain
"newbie mode" since any user already has Garageband, that comes
bundled with Apple PC's today. Garage band is extremely
newbie-friendly and a song started in Garageband can be imported into
Logic any time later.

With version 8.0 Logic changed quite a lot in order to make it more
newbie-friendly. This was at the cost of the formerly exceptional
options of customizing it for a small screen.

Cubase has nothing as Garageband, but on the other hand I have noticed
that not much had changed in SX3 compared to the Cubase version I was
using in 1989! That doesn't make it easier for a newcomer, but at
least you know that when you have learned it you won't have to
re-learn it again ;-)

Genereally I agree with Michael, that software should be dirt simple
to use - at least for us musicians that try to also be "a producer" at
the same time as we play. That is, if we are not happy to work with a
partner that takes care of producing the recording of what we do as
musical performance. I do a lot of producing in Logic but I totally
leave Logic out of the picture when I play music in order to be
creative and record my work. My favorite recording application is
Bidule. It has a simple "File Recorder Module". After you have started
that module it stays in the background and creates eight stereo files
on the hard drive from whatever I may create in Mobius eight looper
tracks and effect patches I might play. Dirt easy! The most difficult
thing is to remember that your noise is being recorded and that you
have to turn off the recorder when you have stopped playing. Step two
is to stop being "a musician" and start being "a producer"; then I
open the multiple files in Logic and produce a mix in the classic
multi track tradition.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
www.looproom.com (international)