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Re: simple mode - was qualities of reverb

Yes Michael i feel the same,i guess simple is
difficult to create!

> wonderful. 
> I've always been wondering why complex software
> programs such as, er, Cubase
> or Logic don't come with a newbie mode which is dead
> simple and shows only a
> handful of buttons, menus, and options - then after
> this, maybe a mode with
> the most popular options, and then the full mode if
> needed.
> This would make things so much easier for the novice
> user. Maybe I'm too
> lazy but it has happened more than once that I gave
> up on new complex
> software because I just didn't feel like wading
> through a telephone
> directory sized manual and hundreds of menues before
> being able to use a
> program. 
> Michael www.michaelpeters.de


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