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Re: All kinds of qualities of reverb

Interesting topic. I've got a t.c. M-One-XL but actually my old Zoom 9120 
gives some of my favourite reverbs still after all these years.

One another note (pardon the pun), has anyone tried a software reverb 
the "Pianoverb", my son has used it and it sounds jjust like me playing my 
saxophone close up to the piano with the covers off - those wonderful 
resonances picked out with the notes.


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Subject: AW: qualities of reverb

> about the reverb thing:
> Good algorithms are also the Eventide detune plex or diffchorus in
> combination with reverb algorithms.
>> reverb, but the principle is similar. The Waves reverb isn't
>> half bad for mastering. For my laptop rig, I use a Max/msp
>> reverb. It is a very difficult object to create.
> Normally, (pre-)mastering is not the processing stage to add reverb.