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Re: qualities of reverb

As a fan on the Eno/Budd works and also of Cocteau Twins, I'm too 
in this discussion.
About two weeks ago I've seen Robin playing live in a club here in Rome 
i've would like to ask him about that sound, but it was impossible to meet 
him, cause his show was not so appreciated by the audience (i think it 
wasn't the right place for his music).
For those of you who are interested, he played a fender stratocaster all 
time and had a Repeater, a laptop and other small (unknown) stuff put on 
table near him, but i haven't understand what kind of stuff it was, 
the floorpedal he used.
For what i understand seein him is that every song was started by the 
laptop; he had a clock signal in the earphone to start playing at the 
time and on every cycle of the loop he was adding something new, using the 
looper in a conventional way, like a jam-man. The laptop was used just for 
the clock  and for playing his "tipical" drum tracks on the background.
No improvvisation: he played songs with a predefined start, evolution and 

About your question: as you know, i'm not a guitar player, and in the past 
years i worked on programming by myself  the timbres i use in my set-up, 
working with the reverbs and a little of chorus that reside inside my 
keyboards, so i'm not the right person to give you a suggestion about an 
external reverb box.

But, recently, with the aid of Per and Krispen, i have discovered that the 
PSP 84 VST plugin has deep and beautiful reverbs.
If you have this plugin, you'll find a preset called "Haunted Playground" 
that emulate very well the sound reverb you are looking for.
Adjusted some parameters to fit your needs and you can have Harold Budd 
and/or Robin Guthrie playing in your house ; -)


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Subject: qualities of reverb

> sometimes I love to listen to the dreamy music of Harold Budd, or Robin
> Guthrie (Cocteau Twins). Their pianos and guitars are often drenched in a
> very long and dense reverb that would put the Taj Mahal to shame - this
> reverb has a depth, richness, and aliveness that is lovely to listen to, 
> it
> is not the linear, cold, and boring reverb that comes out of my Nanoverb.
> How do they achieve that? it often doesn't sound as if they would simply 
> use
> echo or chorus to fatten the sound, it often seems to be nothing but 
> reverb.
> Is it just a matter of using one expensive reverb unit? Are there reverb
> units which can create such a sound out of the box?
> I've put a Robin Guthrie sample here as an example:
> http://www.veloopity.de/temp/guthrie.mp3
> Michael www.michaelpeters.de
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