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Re: workaround for gap in first loop? (was: Boss RC50 delay issues)

Interesting discussion. I suspect the Japanese engineers had a very  
specific idea about how the RC 50 was to be used. Their video demos  
really bring this point home. I don't think they envisioned it to be  
used the way some loopers want to use it. I believe they see it as an  
accompaniment tool. Phrases to be preloaded, fitting nicely into  
preset spaces. Everything snug and tidy. If you use it like this, its  

However, once you start deviating from this method, things get a bit  
sketchy. The time stretching does work ok on percussion or things  
with clear transients, but not well at all anywhere else.
However, the midi sync is unforgivable. There are workarounds. Just  
like every other looper on the planet.