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Re: Boss RC50 delay issues

Thanks, John and Sean. It seems to be that there's no way of getting round that volume dip/drop out. It's a shame because none of the loops I'm currently using work with the RC50. I'm too used to the good old Headrush, however limited it is!
Can't wait for the Boomerang 3...

john floridis <john@johnfloridis.com> wrote:
I've found that when working with RC50, you need to be particularly
conscious of fully depressing the record/play footswitch when ending
the loop. In other words, the point of attack is not when you hit the
top of the switch but when it is fully depressed. That may seem
incredibly obvious, but I find that my loops are cleaner if I stay
conscious of that.

Ironically, though I found that awareness helpful when working with
the RC20, I find the RC1 to be the most sensitive footswitch of them



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