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FS: Bass POD

Hi everyone,

I got another thing up for sale, and would like to post it here before it 
hits ebay:
Up for grabs is a

Line6 Bass POD

This is the original (black) kidney-shaped variant. In the Line6 chain of 
product evolution, it is about on par with the (guitar) POD 2.0.

Included is a choice of 16 bass amp model (including Acoustic 360 brought 
to fame by Jaco Pastorius, Ampeg SVT brought to fame by about every 
heavy/hard rock player, Vox AC-100 (Paul McCartney) and an astonishing 
original creation called "SubDub"), 15 bass cabinet models, 15 diverse 
"stomp box" type effects (including Roland CE-1, t.c. Chorus/Flanger and 
Driver, Mu-Tron III, Boss OC-2, MXR Phase90 and Flanger) plus a wonderful 
model of the Teletronix LA2A compressor and original wah and noise gate 

Among the features of this device are:
        * a well-tracking bass tuner
        * separate amp model and DI outputs
        * headphones out
        * high-quality Hi-Z input

Feature-wise (meaning number of amps modelled etc.), it will not compete 
with newer creations by other manufacturers. What sets it apart is the 
very "soulful" quality of the amp models included - you simply get 
everything from earthshaking dub sound over bar jazz and crunchy 
progressive rock up to eighties funk. Worth a mention is the excellent 
implementation of the compressor - this is really a one-knob-operation 
compressor which will always sound great! The reason I'm selling this is 
that with my move farther and farther away from the electric bass guitar I 
can no longer justify to have another bass-specific device (besides the 
VBass) in my setup...

The device is "as good as new" and has seen stage action only once or 
twice (if at all, I'm not even sure). It is responsible for most of the 
bass sounds on my "SAUBER!" album and part of the bass guitars on "Dem 
Andenken eines Engels", as well as the fretless bass in the intro to "Fook 
Yew" on "Weird Specialist".

It comes with its original power supply, manual, "Tone Transfer" librarian 
software and a castrated edition of SoundDiver for patch editing.

Going prices on ebay seem to be (here in Germany - that's where device 
sits) in the €90-100 region. I will part with it for €90 including 
shipping within Germany (ask for foreign shipping rates).

Please contact me offline for questions and pictures.