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Re: back on the list; RC-50 still glitches (but less); weekly show (seeking musicians)

I will play my part to be looped, stop the recording (by pressing  
stop, not play) while either playing the part again or adding a bar  
of similar material. Then I start the loop. This won't work for  
everybody or every song, but it avoids embarrassment at a gig. Also,  
you can send the rhythm guide to the sub out then monitor that  
somehow via headphones or in ear monitors through a mixer, you can  
avoid the glitch and go right into play as long as you are in time.  
Or, import wav files of percussion, make them the length of what you  
want your loop to be. That first time round is now taken care of.  
Gotta love the workaround.

On Feb 18, 2008, at 12:47 PM, Tom Ritchford wrote:

> I'm sure you didn't miss me :-D but I'm back.  For some reason I got
> unsubscribed in late November -- I realized it sometime later but
> didn't get the time to resub till now.
> I bought an RC-50 when it came out, but I was very disappointed, with
> two issues:
>  - the glitch that occurred when you went from "record" to play.
>  - the fact that my left output was 12dB less than my right one.
> It was confirmed to me that the first one was common to all units;  I
> didn't find anyone with the second problem and assumed I had a bum
> unit (but I unfortunately didn't detect it till it was too late).
> So I shelved the unit.  This weekend, I brought it out, upgraded the
> software, and gave it a whirl.
> I knew that the upgrade sort of fixed the glitch, and that's sort of
> right.  What really cheered me up was that the second problem also
> cleared itself up!  It must somehow be a software glitch - which
> actually makes sense now I think about it, the whole thing is
> "fly-by-wire" (all levels are digitally controlled).
> Yaaay!
> However, there's still a glitch-let when I go right from record to
> play.  It's small, I've decided it's usable to replace my headrush
> (which only does one loop but NEVER glitches), but it's noticeable.
> Any hints on how to avoid it?  It only occurs on the first go  
> around...
> ALSO:  I'm still doing my Monday nights in the East Village.
> http://swirly.com has a little information but I have a lot more music
> to upload there.
> We're definitely looking to book interesting acts!  There's no $$ now
> but there's a good PA, I record everything digitally (though there's
> been some glitches with the piece-of-&*#$ MicroTrack II I managed to
> get almost everything) and dancers and funny lights and things - and
> more to come.
> Let me know, off-list, if you wanna do a set.
> -- 
>  /t