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Re: Open letter to Peter Toms of Condor Electronics

     Yes, his name is Peter Toms, not Tom.  And yes, he is a member of the 
RepeaterUsers Yahoo
group, though he is not on the LD mailing list.  And yes, he does quite a 
bit of Live Looping with
his acoustic double bass.  And yes, (just in case any of you were 
wondering), his is the main
Electrix repair shop since the early days.  He is currently working out a 
deal with the now
defunct Electrix to offer the Repeater OS upgrade 2.1.04 for the original 
price of $129 which of
course goes back to the owners.  And yes, he and Terry Robb also of Condor 
Electronics are the
ones who came up with the Repeater noise mod a few years back which 
significantly reduces the CFC
clicking as well as other ground related noise.  And yes, his phone number 
is 206 633 5190 (not
included in your wonderful post below).  And yes, is sure is convenient to 
live a few blocks away
from his shop...  :)


Dear Tom,

I wanted to thank you on behalf of all of the community at loopers delight 
and in the larger international
live looping movement for having been such a strong support of the 
Repeater users throughout
the long and sometimes frustrating vicissitudes of Electrix's history over 
the years.

You've always been a friendly and helpful font of information (and repair) 
and a great support to Repeater users everywhere and
I am greatly relieved to hear that you now have the stock of replacement 
parts (and the most recent
software upgrade for the hardware Repeater) and are committed to 
this wonderful and
innovative instrument.

All the best to you,  and as a service to our community (and those 
users, like myself, who
are not on the Repeater Users group at Yahoo.com)  I'm including
the address and contact information for Condor, Electronics so that 
knows how to reach
you if they have future problems with their Repeaters.

Thanks again for your attitude and your service to our community.
If you are a looper yourself,   LOOP ON and please accept my invitation to 
perform at the Y2K8 International Live Looping Festival as a musician or
, lol,  do onsight repair of failing Repeaters <wink>

     If you are not,    LOOP ON , ANYWAY!

yours,   sincerely and appreciatively , Rick Walker

founder of the Y2K series of Live Looping Festivals
moderator LiveLoopers tribe at Tribe.net
Repeater owner and lover

contact Peter Toms for Electrix Repairs and Repeater OS upgrade at:


125 N 36th St Seattle, WA United States 

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