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Re: What will become of the Repeater pitch stretching techology,I wonder

Well, to further clarify.. for me it's not that corrupted pitch 
manipulation is bad, it's that I prefer it to be ONE texture in a 
piece, rather than for it to become the overriding texture imposed on 
every subsequent overdub...

If the algorhythm were applied to the playback and left the input 
alone, I'd be happier.

>And so The Quest continues for the Ultimate Looping Tool.
>My wife, bless her innocence in all of this, jus twrites it all off as
>magic when I try to excplain that it's all about signal path
>Could it be that the ideal situation is to have a variety of looping
>tools at hand to send the sound to be processes either as Charles's
>UNCORRUPTED pitch shifts, Mark's deliciously CORRPUTED pitch shifts,
>or BOTH? I say that, now that I have added the Repeater and still have
>my Vortexes and DD-20s to use as looping devices ...
>...thinking I may need to find some better, quieter A/B/Y switches and
>re-configure the studio ... AGAIN!
>I've barely had my Repeater long enough to start programming the FCB
>to MIDI-control it; I've not tried the pitch-shifting or stretching
>yet ... so I still have some things to look forward to (especially if
>I can get that elusive OS 2.+ upgrade!).
>Keep looping,
>On 2/15/08, Charles Zwicky <cazwicky@earthlink.net> wrote:
>>  >What exactly is the point of UNCORRUPTED pitch shifting?? Play a
>>   >different note I say... I absolutely LOVE the sound of the repeaters
>>   >time stretching, and PURPOSELY load up empty patches from CFC so
>>   >that It pitches my shit a bit wrong...
>>  I hear you,  the artifacts are cool and can be a lot of fun - HOWEVER
>>   -  these artifacts should be a function of the playback process.  In
>>   the Repeater,  newly recorded audio is inextricably corrupted when
>>   employing the time stretch function. It's a halfassed  implementation.
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