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Re: What will become of the Repeater pitch stretching techology,I wonder

I've always found the time-stretching and  pitch changing algorhythm 
of the Repeater to be quite dubious at best, particularly the way 
that the Repeater affects recorded data if the tempo has been altered 
(even slightly or worse - accidently by  switching loops with the 
tempo hold engaged..!!).

The fact is that you cannot record any usefully unfucked-up audio 
once the tempo has been changed....Good riddance,  I say!!!

I've used every possible pitch changing hardware delay / sampler out 
there... from the Publison iInfernal Machine to the AMS 1580 to the 
TC 2290 and so on.. I actually prefer the EH 2880 and the re-issue 16 
second delay for the completely primitive  way that the pitch is 
altered... at least the data remains uncorrupted.!!