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Re: toronto, next week

So, I went to The Orbit Room on Monday as recommended.

Thanks for the tip! Great little venue, and the music, while not my
usual cup of tea, was excellent.

Apparently Monday was the first time in 12 years they'd gone on with a
set list prepared. Not sure what to make of that!


On 06/02/2008, bradm <bradmcmail@yahoo.ca> wrote:
> --- Os <os@collective.co.uk> wrote:
> > I've just arranged a business trip to Toronto for
> > next week. Anyone
> > got any recommendations?
> If you're there on Monday, Feb. 11, and can handle a
> late night downtown, I heartily recommend going to The
> Orbit Room
> http://www.orbitroom.ca/
> to see Sisters Euclid
> http://www.sisterseuclid.com
> which includes Kevin Breit
> http://www.myspace.com/kevinbreit
> on guitar (and sometimes vocals). They usually do two
> sets, the first starting around 10pm; the cover charge
> is (IIRC) $7.
> Musically, they're astounding. They have an amazing
> confidence and fearlessness to their playing; seeing
> Kevin play guitar (even slide) is jaw-dropping. In
> genre terms, I guess they're a jazz band, but they
> include rock, blues, funk, and groove elements as
> well. They're not a "looping" act per se, but the last
> time I saw them (2007-12-17), Kevin did some looping
> of his guitar parts (more as seasoning than a main
> course, if you get my drift).
> The Orbit Room also has a really good selection of
> Ontario micro-brews, if you dig beer.
> Aloha,
> Brad
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