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Re: toronto, next week

--- Os <os@collective.co.uk> wrote:
> I've just arranged a business trip to Toronto for
> next week. Anyone
> got any recommendations?

If you're there on Monday, Feb. 11, and can handle a
late night downtown, I heartily recommend going to The
Orbit Room


to see Sisters Euclid


which includes Kevin Breit


on guitar (and sometimes vocals). They usually do two
sets, the first starting around 10pm; the cover charge
is (IIRC) $7.

Musically, they're astounding. They have an amazing
confidence and fearlessness to their playing; seeing
Kevin play guitar (even slide) is jaw-dropping. In
genre terms, I guess they're a jazz band, but they
include rock, blues, funk, and groove elements as
well. They're not a "looping" act per se, but the last
time I saw them (2007-12-17), Kevin did some looping
of his guitar parts (more as seasoning than a main
course, if you get my drift).

The Orbit Room also has a really good selection of
Ontario micro-brews, if you dig beer.


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