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Re: film music rights, licensing ...OT


As a musician who is often making music for film productions here in Norway, there is one golden rule. NEVER GIVE AWAY YOUR MUSIC. You can of course charge nothing for it, many producers will simply not use your music if there is a charge associated, they want it for nothing.
SO its simple, say to the guy, of course you can use my music, cut it, shorten it , play it backwards if they want, but you must have a credit that simply says Original music copyright Luis Angelo 2008. DONE!!!

Of course an army of lawyers could easily break and twist this into what ever they want, but assuming that the producer is reasonably honest, then this should do it.

If you want a slightly more water tight contract, then a simple licensing contract would suffice. This should say that you license the work to them for use in this specific production (including its promotional material - dvd menus, trailers, websites, teasers etc), but may not be used further or in any other context. And that this agreement should cover all territorys.

Then payment for the piece can be anything from a bottle of whisky to percentages of the profit to nothing!

hope this helps, great to hear you got something out of iTunes, me?? I never sell anything that way ha ha