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film music rights,icensing etc.(OT).

Hi gang,
I got t a call today from a fellow film producer in
England that would like to use a song from one of my
CDs as a sound track he heard in Itunes for a film
currently being produced in Havana Cuba.
This particular track is an old remake of mine of a
very old tune whos publisher is registered and being
sold at CD baby.According to him this is his first
production and is being filmed by a cuban crew with
him as a producer and the film is being sponsored from
different independent sources and the budget is very
tight,so he asked me if it would be ok to use it
without financial ties or agreements on my part,once
the publisher agrees for them to use it.The film also
will be sent with high hopes to all of the film
festivals like in europe and around the world.
Ive never done anything like this and so i thought id
ask this list,because he wants to send me a contract
form for me to sign, is there anything i should be
aware of before doing this,and are there rearrangemet
royalties or CD percentage fees or anything like that
even when youz are not the author of the song?or would
it be wise to let him use it which will perhaps
increase CD sales for us?


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