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Re: Recommend me a 1 U mixer please

Thanks for all the advise.. Mackie would be way out of my league, looking for the Rane now... and I'm done with rack pull outs, well not yet, I have TWO drawers now one with my current mixer and one with misc effects that have to be near my right hand. Of course, Im really looking for a routing solution more than a mixer, and "mixing" I do, is done methodically in a computer, this is just set up levels, and GO!

I AM still tempted my the cheapo Behringer cos its got mutes, and Im always recording into my loopers with MY signal muted. Im just so goddam sick of my current piece of crap of a mixer... I mean.. if its true that they stole Mackie designs then.. well frankly Mackie must be crap too...

NO Im sure my mixer MUST be a glitch... I might have to risk the 1 u .. at least its cheap!! Maybe Ill get 2, incese the 1st one goes down...!!!

Thanks for the advise chaps, sometimes you just gotta write to someone to figure things out for yerself!!!