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Re: Recommend me a 1 U mixer please

Hi Stephen,
dont know what specs you are looking for but you might
also want to check this one out:

--- Stephen Scott <stevoj@yahoo.com> wrote:

> mark francombe <mark@markfrancombe.com> wrote: Hi
> everyone,
> In an attempt to get rid of the towering racks, I am
> looking at racking all my looping gear into a silver
> case. To further this cause, can anyone recommend a
> 1 U mixer.
> I have looked at the Rolls RM203X, 9 stereo ch....
> the Soundmaster C3/C3X  8 Channel - and the 12 Input
> 1U mixer Behringer RX1602.
> Well of course the Behringer has most channels, most
> features and is most like what I need, with one main
> problem... its Behringer. My current mixer is a
> Behringer, and it sucks. But then again they made
> the FCB 1010 no complaints there...
> Any others, and have anyone got any of the above,
> can say nice of nasty things about them. Someone was
> mentioning a Peavey a while back too...
> -- 
> www.markfrancombe.com
> www.looop.no I've just done the same as you are,
> getting all my gear into a smaller case.  I chose
> the Behringer RX1602 and am pleased with it.  Very
> cheap, no problems with hiss or noise, loads of
> headroom, aux send, and a handy mute button per
> channel.  Balanced inputs if you need them. It suits
> me fine. You know the specs, only you will know if
> it suits you. I have no issues with the quality of
> this (or other Behringer products I have) for the
> price. 
> Stephen Scott
> www.myspace.com/sylvianfisher
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