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Re: OT Tendonitis

Also, lowly ol' castor oil helps, too. But do NOT ingest it. It likely won't kill you or anything like that, but if ingested, 
ya better NOT GO ANYWHERE far away from home for quite awhile, if ya know what I mean? (heh heh!)

Just rub thoroughly into the affected areas as often as possible, including into that very complex mechanism called the "shoulder". 
Often, what discomfort one may be feeling in the lower arm areas originates from the shoulder.  (not always, but more often than ya think) 

Also, getting a piece of flannel, and soaking it with castor oil and then applying that flannel to a troublesome area, and then applying some heat to the flannel (hot water bottle is the best to use) helps to improve the absorption of the castor oil. Do this while relaxing in bed, or similar. Have some hot relaxing tea too, made from herbs that have relaxing properties.

Most of the other natural suggestions made by others on the list are worthy too,IMO.  But, I would avoid what Big Pharma puts out there, unless one is truly in an almost "emergency" situation. But afterwards, when things have let up a bit, then move onto (or back to) the various natural things that are available,
including the physical therapies, etc that have also been mentioned.  (accupressure can also be potentially beneficial, especially in the shoulder)

Also, for some immediate, temporary relief, ask around for a GREAT spray product called "BioFreeze". Don't let the name fool ya. The stuff is all natural  and gives a quick "freeze" effect to the affected, and then later, goes deeper and relaxes things very good. (at least it did w/ me and others have had good results,too) This is especially good to do right at bedtime so ya can get some better and less interrupted sleep due to discomfort while sleeping,
or getting to sleep quicker, than otherwise.

 some bio-info:

Happy healing....NATURALLY!

-Rev. Fever

PS-And, as "simplistic" as it may sound, drinking lots of water helps things too, and is also a practice one should get into on a regular daily basis, to be begin with. I would also avoid as much refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, and related crap as much as possible. (or ENTIRELY) Good, raw,locally produced wild honey is OK though, along agave syrup, rice syrup, and maple syrup, and even pure,organic, evaporated cane syrup.

On Feb 3, 2008, at 5:44 PM, samba - wrote:

 My previous post didn't show up in the digest ,so i'll repost this link on tennis elbow and exercises for the supporting muscles ,after the pain has gone:

this one is cumulative trauma disorders and the musician:

 Tendonitis is inflammation of the tendons,carpal tunnel is inflammations of the tunels the Nerves run through/

  Anti inflammatories actually are not just  pain relivers or big pharma hype,though the over the counter commercial ones are hard on the liver. Anti-inflammatoires reuce bruising ,and excess blood trapped in the damaged tissues and thereby support faster recovery. You can use Arnica,an herb which is highly effective not so hard on the liver,topically or internally. Chinese liniment Zheng Gu SHui is helpful.

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