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Re: Powered PA or other suggestions

Donearlsto@aol.com wrote:
> Hello All,
> Did a little looking on list, but was hoping to get new input.  
> My set up is:  Upright bass - BBE Maxcom- DBX 266xl - rocktron 
> prophesy-- echoplex.  Usually at this point the sound guy DI's my rig 
> into their system.   I am hoping to be a little more self sufficient in 
> this regard, particularly in an effort to play more venues without sound 
> systems.
> I have been considering a powered pa speaker (like the eon's), but have 
> heard a variety of complaints about hiss, on a variety of models.
> My questions are:
> 1.  Based on your experience, which powered PA speakers  have minimal 
> hiss and might work well in my situation?

The JBL Eon 15s don't have noticeable hiss.
For me, they are the best sounding looping amplification.
..but ask anyone who was at Norwich Loopfest if you want a
less biased opinion. 
( I haven't tried the current G version though )

> 2.  Would it be better (for sound, hiss etc.) to simply put a power amp 
> in my rack and use a passive speaker?

No, you'd lose the advantage of of bi-amping.
..and you'd have the responsibility to match the right amp to your speaker.

> 3. Is there a third, better, solution which I haven't considered.

If your use of loops is fairly simple you might be better of with a 
dedicated bass amp
as long as you like the sound.
If you do a lot of different sounds and layers then the pa speaker idea is 
better, as there'll be less tendency to mush the layers together.
andy butler

> Thanks for all of you input,
> D
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