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Powered PA or other suggestions

Hello All,
Did a little looking on list, but was hoping to get new input.  
My set up is:  Upright bass - BBE Maxcom- DBX 266xl - rocktron prophesy-- echoplex.  Usually at this point the sound guy DI's my rig into their system.   I am hoping to be a little more self sufficient in this regard, particularly in an effort to play more venues without sound systems.
I have been considering a powered pa speaker (like the eon's), but have heard a variety of complaints about hiss, on a variety of models.

My questions are:
1.  Based on your experience, which powered PA speakers  have minimal hiss and might work well in my situation?
2.  Would it be better (for sound, hiss etc.) to simply put a power amp in my rack and use a passive speaker?
3. Is there a third, better, solution which I haven't considered.

Thanks for all of you input,


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