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RE: Kaosilator and new Mini Kaos

im pleased to say i managed to get a mini kaoss pad on import for about £65 before they where even releaseed here in the uk...it is a massive amount of fun and in my oppinion knocks the socks off my kp1 especially in terms of sound quality,, i actually use it in a post loop setting running the output of my vocal edp through one input and my instument edp through the other.. youo should see the reaction i get when i end a song by kicking in one of the delays that samples and then scrambles the input... or pitch down the whole thing and leave it lingering as i mute the edps...oh one fab thing  is "trails" this kind of uses tap tempo sync delay tp soften the abrutp edges when you take your finger ooff the pad,,, much nices then the kp1s sudden return to normal signal. by the way the kp1 is in no way wasted it has a health home post micro korg and handsonic but pre loop... again it gives me lots of sonic options.
the kaossilator is  simply put FUN
me and my girlfriend happened to be in manchesters sound control on the day or release and i hadnt even heard of it but loved its colour .. i asked about it and they got oneout for us... we both played it of about ten minutes and i bought one there and then....for me its like all the fun of a harmonica but with more sounds...like set it up right for key and scale and you cant go wrong...it lets me do crazy solos i could never attempt on a keyed synth...also while initially i thought the pad operating system would make it kind of  unplanable fun..  i actually find it to be a little like any other frettless instrument in that if you take time and practice...in time.. you just know.
as for another aplication i decided on a bit of socially concious gurrella music...
let me explain... i dont know what the rest of the world is like, but here in england you cant get  on a bus or train withouth there being some sicky pock market wannabe scum sat listening to their shit techo-rave  through a nasty nokia mobile phone speaker.
to me this is about the height of rudeness and makes the already hard boring journey to work just that little bit harder.
anyway, im on the bus and there is just me and mr scum-bag on the top deck. he has his tinny little music on his phone andi have a secret weapon, well three....
MiniKP, Kaossilator, mini marshal (you know the small battery powered amp) so i basically get a nice little beat going through my headdphones on the kaossilator then slowly start edging up the volume..  i lay down some more parts as he tries to turn his up, but its going all distorted and even crappier sounding, i just nudge mine up a tad before switching my ttention to some of the minikps delays and filters hehe he gives up , turns his off and asks me how the hell im doing all those crazy noises, we actually ended up having a reasonable at least semi litterate conversation about where the hard house trance he thinks is the bees knees comes from and so on!!
anyways this email has gone on far too long for which i can only appologise...as well as for probably marking the start of dubious looking teenages carrying amps around on public transport...yer so im a hypocite, least it was only us there!!
Phill MyOneManBand


From: billwalker@baymoon.com
To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Subject: RE: Kaosilator and new Mini Kaos
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2008 19:23:14 -0800


I got to try both of these new products today at the shop where I work part time and I was very impressed. Both are palm sized with the Kaosilator being the synth and drum loop product and the mini kaos pad being the effects product. If you are familiar with the kaos pads you know what this thing does, the real star was the kaosilator which allows everything from theremin like textures to scalic melodies, to short loops that you can create and overdub on top and layer everything from drum loops to bass lines to synth and orchestral sounds. I didnít really delve into much more than that but I had a blast playing the kaosilator through the mini kaos pad. They can run on either AA batteries or power supply, and both have the usual high quality korg sounds. Imagine a palm sized synth/looper, the future is now.


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