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OT one of our own. LUIS ANGULO's new Rock En Espanol project on MySpace

I just got a listen to the first track from Mexican live looper, Luis 
Angulo's brand new Rock En Espanol project and was so
impressed that I wanted to share it with everyone.


It's very cool to hear his take on (and deep love for) a live loopoing 
sensibility in the creatiion of this track,
'Barcelona',  though it is not a live looping track per se.

Well written, performed and self produced, it's just really well done by a 
very deep and soulful member of our community
(living in expatriate sin with a beautiful German wife and two cute 
in Radolfzell, Germany)

This rocks, Luis and is very beautiful and melancholy to boot.

I can't wait to buy the album when it's released..............please let 


Rick Walker