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 Every thing I record, I go through a process. When I
first hear it, if it a serious work and not just
hammering away to make noise, I LOVE it! For a month
or so. Then I start thinking "it bites", more and
more. I put it away. A year or 2 later, I might dig it
out and listen to it and I always think, "that sounds
mighty good, all in all", Then it's back in the
archives to randomly listen to giving me ideas for new
compositions. Some of the 15 or 20 year old stuff,
that I did myself, or recorded while running live
sound for other bands, is downright pleasurable. AND
educational i.e. "wow! I don't remember being able to
come up with this kind of stuff!" I guess it keeps me
current on what my original style of music was all
about, back when I couldn't make as much music as I
wanted. Or wanted more equipment and got it. It also
reminds me of all the many things I could NOT do, and
made me appreciate the  musicians who were playing
with me as I was trying to learn to "Jam". Of couse,
it was the only place in town you could come, play
msic, and walk out with a tape of decent studio
quality for free. I even added big reverb and live
audience. Boy did they laugh literally into tears when
they first heard it. I still get requests for
recordings from "remember that party we had? I sure
liked that tape". MUCH surprise when I tell them I'll
burn them a CD

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