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 I think a lot of it has to do with loop lenght. Short
loops can become repetitious. My SOP is to use a Casio
MMT-8 to set up 64 or 32 beat loops. Then start and
stop the 8 tracks for variety, and of course, have 2
or 3 loops to use. This method allows loops to sound
like full verse/chorus type stuff. It does NOT allow
making loops on the fly without starting and stopping
to create. I don't know about all the loopers you guys
talk about, but if there is one out there that will
allow me to do these things and also build a new loop
or re-record a track on an existing loop, on the fly,
that would be WAY COOL. I don't think I need all 8
tracks to do this, 4 would work but I would prefer 8.
Anything out there?

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