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Re: Posted song: fretless guitar whipping up chords by looping

Per Boysen wrote:
> Hi,
> Recorded this live looping piece this morning:
> http://www.looproom.com/audio/impro29febr2008.mp3
> The first four bars you hear is the recording of four parallel one bar
> loops. Then following comes not only traditional modal improvisation
> but also improvisation in harmony. This is new to me, in looping, and
> something I'm studying at the moment. In that sense this recording is
> my pilot test of this looping technique.
> Short technical briefing:
> The first recorded four loops are set to different Rate/Speed, so
> although I play the same one bar guitar pattern into each loop they
> play back at different speed and pitch...

Very interesting technique.  Sounds to me like there's a synchronicity 
problem at the start of each bar. Latency issue of sorts with the gear?

Are you using the modded fretless Tele for this?

van Sinn