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LXP15II and Vortex upgrades

I have both the LXP15 and Vortex, and consider upgrading both.

LXP15 to LXP15 II:
AFAIK, it a mere matter of new PROM(s).
LexiconPro are usually very helpful; though I haven't had a reply yet..
Apart from Jim's audioupgrades, anyone know if they can be had in EU?
If PROMs aren't available, and someone has this version, and also has a 
prom burner, it would be a simple copy to files.
I can burn myself (not my fingers ;) )..

Vortex: AFAIR, mine doesn't have the expanded memory. I find the delay 
range just fine for my needs; still, maybe more features may be had..
Does more memory provide other benefits than longer delays/looping?

I didn't make a note of my Vortex firmware revision when I had it open..
What's the latest revision?  If any rev's, any significant diffs?

van Sinn