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Re: Questions on live percussion looping

may i refer you to the king of looping low budget huge
sounding percussion my dear soul friend Mr.found sound
Rick Walker
he will answer all of your questions and if not he
will direct you to further pro advice,trust me!
cheers and welcome to the best looping mailing list

--- Nik Nadeau <ncnadeau@hotmail.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I am a college student who would like to integrate
> live percussion looping into a creative project
> performance. I want to live-loop Korean and Latin
> percussion rhythms (played on a Korean hourglass
> drum and congas, respectively), and then perform
> spoken word poetry in sync with the loops. 
> I am entirely new to looping/live looping, and I'm
> seeking advice on how to perform live percussion
> looping in the cheapest way possible. Has anyone
> done live percussion looping before, or know how it
> works? I especially would like to know what hardware
> and software will I need (the lower the cost, the
> better), how I might purchase them, and in general
> how to logistically perform live percussion looping.
> Please note that, unfortunately, I'm not able to
> invest in live looping equipment unless my college
> grants me funds to pay for it.
> Thank you very much!
> Nik Nadeau
> St. John's University
> Collegeville, MN
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