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RE: OT: Rabe Raven Labs and short and sweet but fairly deep history For Whomever May Like :o)

Acoustic Control Corporation
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Acoustic Control Corporation was a manufacturer of instrument amplifiers, 
founded by Steve Marks
(with the help of his father) and based in Van Nuys, California. Its 
original location was a shack
on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, California.

Most of the amplifiers produced by ACC were solid-state, but a few models 
later in production were
valve amps. The company is remembered in particular for its Acoustic 361 
bass stack, consisting of
an Acoustic 360 bass pre-amplifier and one or two Acoustic 361 W-bins, 
each featuring a built-in
200-watt RMS power amplifier and a rear-facing 18" Cerwin-Vega 
loudspeaker. Acoustic also produced
the "Black Widow" electric guitar and electric bass 1972 - 1975. The 
guitars and basses were based
on designs used by Paul Barth for his Bartell guitars and basses. The 
majority of the guitars were
built in Japan although Semi Moseley (of Mosrite fame) claims of building 
the last 200 guitars
made. One profilic user associated with this guitar was jazz guitarist 
Larry Coryell who had an
endorsement deal. Jimmy Nolen of James Brown's band was also a "Black 
Widow" user.

Robbie Krieger of The Doors was the most high-profile early user of the 
Acoustic 260 head and 261
cabinet--the first models ever produced by ACC. Krieger's Acoustic amps 
were a major
public-relations boost for the fledgling company. Albert King and Chuck 
Berry also used the 260
and 261. Canadian guitar virtuoso Frank Marino used 270 model amplifier as 
did Frank Zappa and
Ernie Isley. Pat Metheny created his famous guitar tone partly by using 
Acoustic 134 model combo
amplifier. Some prominent bassists who played through Acoustic amps 
included Jaco Pastorius,
probably the most famous user of Acoustic bass amplifier, and John Paul 
Jones (Led Zeppelin), Carl
Radle (Derek & the Dominoes), Ric Grech (Blind Faith), John McVie 
(Fleetwood Mac), Tony Stevens
(Savoy Brown, Foghat), Peter "Overend" Watts of Mott the Hoople, Danny 
Sheridan (Eli Radish Band /
David Alan Coe) and Kirk Powers (American Tears), the latter using an 
Acoustic 371(combination of
the 370 amp & 301 bass cabinet). The Mahavishnu Orchestra members (bass, 
keyboards, violin
excluding John McLaughlin (gtr)) used Acoustic amplifiers. Verden Allen, 
organist with Mott the
Hoople used a 260 head amp.

Excellent reliability and balance when being moved around on tour.

Acoustic Control Corporation went out of business in the 1980s, then 
returned under the name True
Tone Audio as a manufacturer of P.A. amplifiers.

Latter-day employee and designer Steve Rabe went on to establish 
specialist bass amplifier
manufacturer SWR (now owned by Fender Musical Instruments Corporation) in 
1984, then Raven Labs in
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From: Albertini Projects
Date: Jan 23, 2008 7:41 PM

--- max valentino <ekstasis1@hotmail.com> wrote:

> Raul: Do you need a phones amp for a recording setup, personal practice, 
> If it is just for personal practice/monitoring...I have a Raven Labs 
>PHA1 which is a
> preamp/headphone amp.  Very quiet and clean. Two headphone outputs (each 
>with their own gain
> cntrl), two inputs, three band eq, aux send, stereo/mono aux return, and 
>line out capable f
> running a power amp.  Fantastic headphone amp and a reaaly, really nice 
>instrument preamp as
> well.  Runs on two 9v batts (100+ batt life).
> Raven Labs is no longer.  Steve Rabe built these and they are 
>exceptional...and kinda hard to
> find.
> Has some of the usual cosmetic scars...but works fine and has served me 
>well, but has been
> replaced by a Cafe Walter headphone amp for my uses....
> email me off list if you are interested.
> Max
> Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2008 07:05:28 +0100From: raul.bonell@gmail.comTo:
> Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.comSubject: OT: headphone ampdoes 
>anybody can point me to some
> good headphone amp?i really don't need much than 4 outs or so,although 
>several input sources
> would be nice.thanks friends,raul.-- The Playing Orchestra:
> http://www.telefonica.net/web2/tpoChain Tape Collective: 
>http://www.ct-collective.comTPO at
> myspace: http://www.myspace.com/theplayingorchestraTPO at Jamendo: 
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