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figured out how to use my MIXER w/ my LOOPER (boss DD20)

so for about 2 yrs i've had my behringer Eurorack UB802 mixer (the small basic 4 input one)-used it sparingly w/ recording, never could figure out how to use it w/ my looper, never seemed to get good results at least. at various times debated selling it, but figured since it's the cheapie model paid 30$something for it, wouldn't get much for it.
well w/ my recent set up of using 2 amp modelers (hey can't have enough distortion or effects options right?) + my boss dd20-i thought about sending the stereo outs to different routing options and using the behringer mixer. and last night i set it up. and i will say that i think it worked. did one little test w/ it recording, but was basically able to at various times have 3 different delay loops going, of course coordinating them is an art, i mostly had chaos, but i was just happy it worked. the funny thing is keeping the levels of the different ins in check and remembering what's coming in where (labeling would be good i think)-at times i thought it would be good to be an octopus w/ 8 arms trying to keep everything coordinated.
one thing i did notice was the mixer gave a bit of gain boost, so my "clean guitar" had a real bite to it. but i look fwd to experimenting w/ it more.
setup is:

zoom g2
digitech rp150----------------------
/                                        /
digitech xdelay------------      /
/                                 /    /
boss dd20=========mixer====fostex digital recorder

crude drawing, and i'm sure the yahoo email formatting will mess it up.
oh well....
also-most excited to hear the new Krispen H & Ted K duet loop cd, ordered it a few days ago, can't wait to hear it.
happy looping-

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