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Re: Tapping -- What are the tricks to staying synched to your rhythm section

I've imported percussion loops into the RC 50 for the drummer to play to. Much more musical then a click, although some drummers will prefer that. You can send the click to headphones with the RC 50. With the RC 20, you are out of luck. 
On Jan 13, 2008, at 8:10 PM, Mark Smart wrote:

Definitely harder with a drum machine than with a human drummer who can (as long as he is willing) follow your looped track.
I use drum loops (very much like a drum machine) to play live. The way I do it is to record the drum sound INTO the main looping unit mixed with my bass and/or guitar sound. Then I hit the Play or NextLoop pedal on the Echoplex at the beginning of the next chorus to get the timing of the recorded loop correct. Once that's going, I shut off the original drum loop that is still playing (by hitting Stop on my RC-20). This means that there is a bar or 2 where you can hear two copies of the drum loop going (hopefully pretty well synched up), but that's not a big deal. You can hear me doing this in the "Shiny Stockings" mp3 here:
Getting a drum machine and a looper to synch up for a long time is not going to happen no matter HOW good your timing is, unless there is some kind of MIDI or electronic synch.