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[Gig Spam] Livelooping/Experimental night in Toledo,Jan 12th

I know this is very late notice... But I thought what
the heck. Those of you Midwestern types close enough
to go might want to know about this.

There will be collaborations with several local
musicians and mostly live looping solo acts at
ROK BAR formerly The Woodshed at 128 Main street
Toledo Ohio 43605. Just down the street from

I will be going on around 11:20
I highly recommend these musicians. 
please check out my myspace and you will find all
performers in my top friends. Please check them out
and give them feedback as they deserve the support. 


The show is being put together by surrent. 

Set 1:
9:00-9:20 - Calvin Cordy
9:30-9:50 - Bramble
10:00-10:20 - The Aroma of Women

Set 2:
10:40-11:00 - A Useful Idiot
11:05-11:15 - Surrent (+AUI/SG?)
11:20-11:40 - Steven Guerrero 

Set 3:
12:00-12:20 - Frequent Seize
12:30-12:50 - Anton 
1:05-1:25 - Cryptids 


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